Interesting software development tools

In the last two years I found the following software development tools to be quite interesting, for their quality and usefulness, already good two years ago, but steadily improving:
* Mercurial: an open-source multi-platform distributed revision control system.
* Redmine: an open-source multi-platform web-based issue tracker, wiki, and project tracking system.
* Scons: an open-source multi-platform Python-scripted build utility.
* Sparx Enterprise Architect: a proprietary open-format UML tool. (Still waiting a comparable open-source alternative).
* Mono+GTK#: an open-source multi-platform .NET implementation, comprising C# and VB.NET compilers, a .NET virtual machine, an internationalization-oriented GUI library (GTK#), and an integrated development environment (MonoDevelop).


About Carlo Milanesi

I am a software developer in Italy. I have develop financial, engineering and commercial software using many programming languages, mainly C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, and C#. Now I am interested in Rust and TypeScript.
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