New release of C++ Bolts

This weekend I released the first proper versions of two libraries of the C++ Bolts library set: “countingsort” and “memory_file”.

Before that, I just uploaded some chaotic mass (or mess?) of code. It is still so for the other libraries.

So now everyone could download and use these two useful libraries.

Countingsort is a very fast sorting algorithm, that has limited application though. You can use it only if the sort key is an integer having a range not much larger than the number of items to sort. For example, if you need to sort a sequence containing about 400,000 items, you can use the countingsort algorithm is the range of the keys is not larger than, say, one million.

The “memory_file” library is a wrapper over the memory-mapped file facilities of modern operating systems, like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. It is an easy, fast, safe, and flexible way to handle the contents of binary (and also textual) files.


About Carlo Milanesi

I am a software developer in Italy. I have develop financial, engineering and commercial software using many programming languages, mainly C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, and C#. Now I am interested in Rust and TypeScript.
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